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Hello, I'm Annette!

From Boston.
An endangered species, on the verge of extinction, but aren't we all.

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Safari lid on, spicing up the Serengeti! Lions are allergic to pumpkin spice… right?

The fuck is this.

Stumbled upon this article at a coincidental time. We don’t have the power to control how other’s act towards us, we only have control over ourselves and how we react to the situation. “Every time you judge someone because they are not acting the way we want them to, we loose our connection, or oneness with them!" Reading this line, I can’t even begin to explain how much it resonated with me. The reality and truth behind that statement is too real. We as a result get angry or disappointed, somehow change the image we have of them in our head.  

I’m trying, with great difficulty, to stay away from that. To try to keep them pure. I’m not one to necessarily hold grudges that will forever keep me from interacting with you, but I do remember all the things that you have done that might make me feel this way. Which is the worst part. Its an unfortunate scab you hoped wouldn’t turn into a scar, but it did. It’s there forever. It might not always be prominent, but it’s something that will still remain as a reminder of what once was. I try to be a bigger person and move past things, but I just need more time than I thought. Or maybe I’m not letting myself let go. 

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One of my best friends just started her own line of wallets and they make me feel some type of way

I think it works because neither of us have hobbies…

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Saw Krysten Ritter in a Proactive commercial…all I can think about is “I’ve seen your titties”

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When I have breakfast in bed


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Francos team Bloom

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Drunk and alone. Gotta get used to that.

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feels like every passion or anything I was once interested in is just a distant memory that once was and never will be the same. 

I don’t know if I like the new self. I always hoped id keep in touch with my weird side, but Im slowly losing the support group because were like “adult” and “mature” n shit now. 

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