Добро пожаловат

Hello, I'm Annette!

From Boston.
An endangered species, on the verge of extinction, but aren't we all.

Searching, but life's browser seems to be frozen.

I’m not trying to change you, just understand you.

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Just got my first pair of Toms today…theyre the most comfortable things in the world. Its like wearing slippers 24/7

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There are nights where I just can’t fall asleep. Then there are those night where I fight it and won’t let myself sleep.

But sleep feel so good. Why, me? Why? Just float on…

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woohh got the job!

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What differentiates my crazy from other crazy, is that you don’t get to see it. 

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did he give her 2 thumbs up?

hell yea he did

Her back roughly translates to “go fuck yourself Putin” or “fuck off Putin”  

Its odd how things work out. Don’t let the darkness eat you up. 

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Natalie Foss

20 Years After Kurt Cobain