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The Improv Asylum was hilarious

I loved every minute of it, so I am definitely coming back again before school starts…and this time I won’t drive so I can get a little drinky.

All of the performers were great and brilliantly talented, honestly they all did a spectacular job. They must have a lot of fun together overall and a pretty close knit friendship.

After the show, one of the performers stepped outside for a cigarette and I complemented him on the show and told him his humor reminded me of Jason Segel. Which I’d say is quite a nice complement, because who are we kidding, Jason Segel is the shit.

There was also this cute performer, he had some awesome scruff going on and was just awesome. The dude maintained an engaging performance throughout the whole night…from my end at least lol.

But really overall, everyone pretty much kicked ass tonight and got down and dirtayy…especially during the Raunch show. Glad we went.

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