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Though I don’t believe the country should be run by a religious fanatic, especially with conservative Christian morals, I’m not opposed to the idea of it. As a 3rd generation Jew (at least I think that’s what I’d be considered), I definitely have more of a Liberal mentality, but I enjoy the idea of how much they stress the traditional values. Or maybe I just can appreciate it. I haven’t really been keeping up with the politics lately, but I’ve only recently been reading more about Santorum since his drop out. Though I wouldn’t want to live by his strict moral dependence on the Christian faith, I really like how he reflects it within himself and his family. In general family always comes first and that is a golden rule almost everyone lives by unless they’ve undergone some traumatic event, but even then the person wishes to overcome that with their own family in the future. Okay I’m kinda going off on too many tangents and need to get back to my work, but long story short I think it was a noble thing of Santorum to step down in the manner in which he did and it really shows that family to him truly comes first. Which I think should always be the case, because the presidential role is a patriotic one, for America and its people. So I guess therefore if you can take care of your family well, you will want to treat America just as your own.  

Also to add, I really don’t know enough/as much about politics as I wish I did, but I am sure a majority of America doesn’t know too much more regardless. This kind of just shows how the smallest things can really turn you off from a candidate and completely skew your opinion, resulting in you refraining from figuring things out for yourself. 

I should spend half the amount of energy I do on some of these posts on my homework…god damn. 

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