Добро пожаловат

Hello, I'm Annette!

From Boston.
An endangered species, on the verge of extinction, but aren't we all.

Searching, but life's browser seems to be frozen.

haven’t posted a selfie in a while

When I think I’m completely full after dinner then someone suggests dessert



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Twinz. #me ‘n #madukes #chillen #nomin #nofilter #famlife (at Judie’s)
haven’t posted a selfie in a while. 

had a lot of time this morning so I decided to actually get ready. 
forgot to post this when i took it. 


got a hair cut the other day. going out into the sun now. 
i look like a crazy gypsy today.
off to the cape
haven’t posted a selfie in a while so this is as good as it gets right now and relatively good timing. 

as you can see here, this is quite a busy photo with much going on- some stir fry, recently purchase books/magazine from newbury comics, my messy hair, no make up, and a signature “dun giv a fuk” face. 
im givin y’all the look. 

get at me. 
im white as fuck
goin out and i look goooood. 
chillen with my new arm candy
i like my outfit and my gipsy head band.
too bad cant fit all the goodness into one photo
just went to go see the Avengers and it was fantasticcccc
sorry I havent been posting either, I’ve been supper busy since I’ve been back from school!