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An endangered species, on the verge of extinction, but aren't we all.

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Radiohead - Bodysnatchers - In Rainbows

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Animals and shapes
<a href=”” data-mce-href=””>Wish Them Well by Animals and Shapes</a>">
Guitar - Matt Beevers
Drums - Brandon Almas
Keys/Lead vocals - Shawn Teal
Bass/vocals - James Paone

Animals and Shapes, the first thing I noticed was how big of a voice and range the lead singer had, carried very well by all other instruments and players in the band. Everything glides together seemlessly, an impressive style that could reach out to any audience. One of those bands that you don’t forget, in fact even if you tried chances are you’ll hear their tracks on radio stations across the country, just give it a couple weeks. Their next show is Friday the 23rd at Splash Salisbury with Nerve8. Check out their new album “Wish Them Well” right here,
Rainy Mood + Carbon Based Lifeforms

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